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Shandong Julong Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd.


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Shandong Julong Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd.

       Shandong Julong Hydraulic Machine Co.,Ltd., was established in July 2000. Our address is No. 29

Wenhe 3rd road Economic Development Zone Mengyin County Linyi City Shandong Province China.
        Company’s main business are production and sales of water well drilling rig, prospecting drilling rig,

core drilling rig, anchoring drilling rig and pipe threading lathe machine.

        Our company occupies an area of about 30,000 square meters, has over 160 workers. The main

processing equipment quantity reaches 200sets, including several sets of CNC lathe machines, advanced guideway grinder, large double housing planer, TK611-1A CNC milling and boring machine...

Focus on the importance of component development and selection
Hydraulic rig maintenance hydraulic system
Dug well positioning folk common sense
Rig construction efficiency and high factors
Drilling machine internal knowledge is very rich
Nine tips to extend the life of drill pipe
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